Vacuum Coating Machine (Arc Vaporization)

BITE Vacuum Technology applies metal or metal compound coatings to tools and parts using an arc vaporization process. As the name suggests, arc vaporization creates multiple electric arcs to vaporize the cathode, resulting in a blast of metal ions to bombard the material to be coated. The process takes place in a low pressure plasma environment in the vacuum chamber.

The cathode may be any of metals, including copper, titanium, nickel, and chromium. In some cases, the free metal ions react with the ionized gas (i.e. nitrogen) contained in the plasma environment to form a metal compound for coating, such as titanium nitride, titanium carbide, and zirconium nitride.

Arc vaporization uses a cathode as the source of deposition. Therefore, the process is also known as cathodic arc vaporization, or cathodic arc plasma deposition. Highlighted on this page is the vacuum coating machine that can conduct the arc vaporization process and has found wide use in metatallizing watches, door locks, crockery, kitchenware, eyeglass frames, luminaire, bathroom fixtures and more.

As a specialized vacuum coating machine provider, we can customize your vacuum coater or vacuum metallizer to suit your specific coating requirements.

Features of Vacuum Coating Machine

  1. A user-friendly touch-screen, coupled with advanced PLC system, allows vacuum coating machine operator to control the speed of the vacuum pump and monitor the level of vacuum via a vacuometer.
  2. Both cathode power supply and bias voltage supply come with a voltage converter. Heating tubes are mounted to the side of the vacuum chamber. PID controller maintains a constant temperature in the chamber.
  3. Cathodic arc plasma vaporization offers a high degree of ionization. The resulting metal ions are high energy, enabling metals to be deposited faster than traditional PVD processes.
  4. Easy operation, low operating costs, maximum productivity, no health risk, no pollution to the surrounding environment.
  5. Arc vaporization technology produces fine depositions and enhanced barrier performance.
  6. This vacuum coater can complete the entire process in the shortest possible time.

Technacal Specifications of Vacuum Coating Machine

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