PVD Coating Equipment (for Stainless Steel Sheet and Pipe)

Get a piece of PVD coating equipment and apply titanium or its compound to stainless steel sheets or pipes. According to the kind of gaseous environment used in the vacuum chamber, different coatings of metal compounds can be formed on the steel surface. Titanium coated steel exhibits high corrosion resistance and improved decorative appeal. Different coating colors are available as well to meet the decorative requirements of the architecture industry.

The vacuum coating created by our PVD coating equipment has the feel of real metal which is unmatched by any other type of coating developed via the CVD process. The vacuum chamber stands 3600mm to 6500mm high, with a diameter ranging from 1800mm to 3200mm.

Stainless Steel Grades

The multi-functional PVD coating equipment can handle a variety of steels, including SUS304, 316, 316L, 430, 439, and 443.

PVD Coating Colors

BITE’s line of PVD coating equipment can create a variety of colors, such as gold, silver, gun black, black, rose gold, coffee brown, rainbow (7 colors), blue, etc.

Applications of PVD Coating System

A variety of materials can be coated with our PVD coater, including furniture, luminaire, automobile, aerospace, and metal hardware.

Features of PVD Coating Machine

  1. Comes with 3 vacuum pumps that quickly empty the vacuum chamber of any air for faster cycle times.
  2. Targets in round shapes are properly arranged and equipped with a bias voltage pulsed power supply. The resultant film forms a tight bond to the substrate and ensures color uniformity across the substrate surface.
  3. User-friendly touch screen, plus advanced PLC, allows easy switch from manual to automatic mode and vice versa. Computerized control system ensures reliable, stable performance.

Technical Specifications

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