PVD Coating Equipment (for Glass Mosaics and Wares)

If most of your coating work involves glass, then this PVD coating equipment will meet your needs. At the heart of this vacuum coater is a magnetron sputtering system that uses pulsed power supplies to ionize the target (solid metal) and ensure optimal deposition uniformity. Other than glass, the PVD coating equipment also works perfectly on plastics, ceramics, resins, and various other building materials.

Colors of Coating

Gold, silver, red, antique bronze, black, blue, etc.

Benefits of PVD Coating Equipment

Using one or multiple magnetrons, the PVD coater creates high energy electrons and directing them to hit the target so hard that atoms in that target are energized and rush towards the substrate waiting to be coated. Magnetron sputtering improves deposition adhesion, density, uniformity and repeatability. Coatings include copper, titanium, chromium, stainless steel, and nickel.

Technical Specs

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