PVD Coating Equipment (for Ceramic Tiles and Wares)

Highlighted on this page is PVD coating equipment designed specifically for coating ceramic tiles and wares including tablewares, stationeries, and sanitary wares. This vacuum coating system is complemented by the feed track and drying oven, among other auxiliary equipment.

Benefits of PVD Coating Equipment

PVD coating equipment makes quick work of coating ceramic tiles and wares with a thin layer of gold or silver. The resultant silver or golden coating imparts an attractive shine to the ceramics. This vacuum coating system is the machine of choice when it comes to manufacturing high-end ceramic products.

Features of PVD Vacuum Coater

Advanced PLC system comes with vacuum gauge and flow controller. Gas pumping speed is adjusted by shifting gears via a computer control system. A total of 4 heating tubes are mounted to the side of the vacuum chamber. PLD temperature controller keeps a constant temperature in the chamber.

Applications for Vacuum Coating Machine

Suitable for use in the manufacture of large metal hardware, ceramic products, glazed tiles, ceramics and large stainless steel plates.

Technical Specifications

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