Drinking water filters

There are several types of water filters. If you want to choose the best option, you should turn to water filtration service companies. So you can choose the best filter and make the right decision regarding the health of your family.

Filter jugs

The filter jug ​​is the simplest device for water purification. It is a plastic jug, a filter cartridge is installed inside it, through which water passes during the filtering process. The cartridge is filled with a mixture of different cleaning components, usually activated carbon and ion exchange resins, which will save you from such problems:

  • scale on the kettle (removes ions of hardness salts);
  • unpleasant odor (removes chlorine and its carcinogenic compounds);
  • color of water (removes organic impurities);
  • metallic taste of water (removes iron);
  • turbidity of water (removes mechanical impurities);
  • also jug filters can reduce the content of heavy metals and toxic organic compounds.

Maintenance of such a filter involves replacing the cartridge element once a month, but the frequency of replacement may vary based on the quantity and quality of the passed water. Before you buy a water filter for a jug type, you should carefully read the user manual or consult with a sales assistant.

Triple water filters

The triple water filter represents a design of three plastic flasks with replaceable cartridges fixed on a strong plastic frame. The filter is connected to the cold water supply and installed under the sink. An aesthetic chrome faucet for purified water is placed on the surface of the sink. Inside these filters is a set of three cartridges to remove different types of contaminants. Such filters include three stages of purification, usually this:

  • mechanical filtration, during which sand, rust, scale and other impurities larger than 5 microns are removed;
  • water softening and removal of iron and manganese ions on ion-exchange cartridges;
  • sorption of chlorine from water and its organochlorine, organic toxic and smelling compounds.

A triple filter is an excellent choice for tertiary treatment of tap water in your home. Filter maintenance consists of replacing the cartridge elements and washing the flasks once a quarter. This film can be installed both independently and with the help of a qualified professional.

Reverse osmosis filters

A reverse osmosis filter for water is the most advanced solution for preparing healthy and safe drinking water for your family. A reverse osmosis membrane removes 99.8% of contaminants, including even the smallest particles of viruses. None of the existing water filters can do this better. Typically, a water filter includes a pre-treatment in the form of a set of three cartridge pre-filters, which facilitate the operation of the membrane:

  • a foam polypropylene cartridge with a filtration rating of 5 microns to remove mechanical impurities from the water (sand, rust, silt, etc.);
  • a cartridge of granular activated carbon to remove chlorine, organochlorine and organic impurities of water;
  • carbon block to remove residual chlorine and solids.

The main element of the reverse osmosis filter for water is a membrane that provides a fine water purification from all possible contaminants, including the whole gamut of chemicals and the smallest particles of viruses.

Water after reverse osmosis does not require sterilization and can be used without boiling even by the smallest members of your family. Maintenance of reverse osmosis filters consists in replacing the pre-cleaning cartridges once a quarter and the membrane element once a year. In order for you to have a constant supply of drinking water, an additional element in the design of water filters is a storage tank. It is recommended that qualified personnel service the filter.