Difficulties in furniture assembling – what to do?

Nowadays, the demand for furniture is increasing, thanks to the constantly constructed cottages, country houses and mortgage lending. People want to live in a comfortable environment, and this is impossible without high-quality and beautiful furniture. Therefore, the requirements for furniture every day become more and more complicated, every day there are more and more ways to assemble furniture, such as eccentric screed, furniture dowel, furniture corner and self-tapping screw.

One of the most popular methods for assembling furniture has become a method performed with an eccentric tie.

Assembling furniture in this way has many advantages. For example, no fasteners are visible on the outer side of the furniture surface, which makes it possible to produce stylish and beautiful furniture. Please note that this method has a higher cost than, for example, assembling furniture for a self-tapping screw, this method is also one of the most difficult, but also the most reliable, which, in turn, makes it more popular every day.

The easiest way to assemble furniture is to build a corner. This method is considered obsolete, but it is still very popular. It is explained by its ease and cheapness. In order to fasten furniture in this way, you need only a few screws, as well as a drill, equipped with a screwdriver. One of the oldest ways of assembling furniture is an assembly on a furniture dowel. In order to use this method, you just need to put the parts on the glue. It’s simple! But of course, furniture assembled in this way cannot be disassembled, therefore many difficulties arise in the delivery and transportation of furniture.

Furniture assembling for self-tapping screw is one of the cheapest ways and a real opportunity to save on assembly. But when using this method, the caps of screws are visible on the outer surface of the furniture, even despite the special plugs, therefore, of course, the appearance of the furniture is not as beautiful and aesthetic as in the case of assembly with an eccentric coupler, but because of its cheapness it is very popular.

Which way to prefer? This question can only be answered by professionals, for this you need to contact them. Choose an optimally convenient way to help you professional furniture assembler, which will help you to ensure that the furniture served for a long time and looked at the same time stylish, dignified and elegant.

Possible difficulties

In the process of assembling, the manufacturer’s shortcomings often emerge, which complicates the process of assembling furniture – some panels may not have holes, no markings for fittings themselves. In the case of no markup, you can use a measuring tool (tape measure, ruler, etc.). To cut the missing holes, you can use a set of drills or “crowns”. For the missing fittings, you first need to go to the seller of the furniture set or to the nearest market. The nature of the difficulties arising in the self-assembly of furniture depends on the type of furniture being assembled. For example, special skills are not needed for assembling tables or beds, but assembling a kitchen set, a wardrobe or a coupe or furniture in the living room requires skills of an assembler, therefore it is better to entrust the assembly of such furniture to professionals. You can always use amazon assembly service if you have some troubles with it.

Safety Instructions

When assembling furniture, try to adhere to the instructions from the manufacturer yourself, working with power tools, you must follow general safety rules, use good tools for assembling furniture, collect large-sized furniture, try to find helpers, during the assembly process you need to maximize the use of free space of the room; and most importantly try not to let the children assemble the furniture.

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