About Us

Vacuum coating. It is at the root of everything we do at BITE Vacuum Technology. From the outset in 1985, the company has been supplying tried-and-true vacuum coaters to coating service providers around the world. We also keep in stock auxiliary components for the PVD coating system we sold, including the vacuum furnace, target material, power supply and the vacuum gauge.

BITE is a listed company headquartered in Longkou, China. With a nationwide service network, the company also delivers coating machines and service to customers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Since 1992, the company has gone big on physical vapor deposition technology research and development. We work with Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing Normal University to develop a series of vacuum coating equipment under the BITE brand. We have sold many of these vacuum metallizers to customers home and abroad which have been in use daily for decades.

Protecting intellectual property is crucial to the success of a business, and we know it. That is why we encourage employees to get in on various innovation activities within the company. Not all innovations would come to fruition. But when they do, we would like to apply for patents to protect them. In recent years, BITE has garnered 1 invention patent and 11 utility model patents. We are also recognized as a high-tech enterprise, an honor awarded to us in 2009. Our technology center is identified by Yantai Science and Technology Bureau as Yantai Municipal Engineering and Technology Research Center.

At BITE, we understand that quality is the key to business survival. That is why we should emphasize continuous quality improvement and total employee involvement as a key part of corporate culture. As early as in 2003, we were certified under ISO9000 quality management standards. A decade later, we became a TUV certified supplier. At the moment we are going through another supplier assessment conducted by LCIE Bureau Veritas.

Over the course of continuous development, our employees and business have shown great progress. Our manufacturing facility has been retrofitted to meet the increased demand from the marketplace. By leveraging our in-housing engineering capability, we are able to produce 80 sets of vacuum coating equipment per year. Together, they help create a positive cycle where new products are researched, developed, produced and stored.