Company Tour

From the very beginning in 1985, BITE Vacuum Technology has been dedicated to the design, production and sale of vacuum coating equipment, vacuum furnace, and associated components. With a manufacturing facility spanning 32,944 square meters, and by involving ourselves in every step of the process, welding, machining, assembly and inspection, we are able to control the quality of finished vacuum metallizers. Every year, customers from all around the world come to visit us in person. Now let’s take a walk with our camera man as he tours around the factory.


This airy place is where employees do their daily office work. Each department coordinates well with one another to better serve customers from home and abroad.

Electric Welding Workshop

All welders have been trained and tested to secure the welded part is solid, flat.

Machining Workshop

A diverse range of machining facility does all the machining work needed to complete a vacuum coater. Pictured are workers focusing on their jobs.

Assembly Workshop

Our assembly workers are piecing together different components and testing the assembled vacuum metallizer in strict accordance with 5S management requirements.

Inspection Department

Not only do we control each step of the production process, but we also run multiple checks on the finished product to secure quality. Shown in the picture are technicians conducting product inspection.


What you see in the picture are packaged products waiting to be loaded onto the truck for transportation. Customers’ll wait in no time for orders to arrive.

Group Photos

Pictures are taken with customers after their inspection tour around the factory. We are enthusiastic about our service.